We take it upon ourselves to help you make things happen. You can thank us when we're done.

At Brooder Inc, we simply meet the needs of others- at a profit

We're team of positive thinkers who put their minds to do great things and add value to others


Whether you want an app for your organization/individuals/event etc, we can make it happen. At Brooder Inc, we make applications for smartphones, PCs, Mac and the Web.


Great products stem from the right application of knowledge. We go deep down to the roots, to discover, learn and use knowledge as a force for good in engineering, computer science and any other subject that catches our eyes!

Inventions and Engineering

Maybe there's nothing new under the sun. But maybe it doesn't apply to us. By using what we have and thinking beyond the normal, we develop and create handy tools and gadgets that are useful to mankind.

Passion drives

Our quality service

For us, what matters is the product. That's the cynosure! We do what it takes to get the job done, legally of course.

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Let's turn your idea into a reality


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Why does your organization need a website?

Now imagine, your biggest client ever calls you- but you're asleep! He has no way of finding out more about you and you consequently lose that deal. Such a pity! With a website, you can avoid all that hassle. It's also a way to increase your profitability in ways you are yet to imagine...
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